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Sup! Welcome to My Page!!

    Well, I am a "kat" that is dwellin' in Lincoln, NE.  I am currently a student here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. GO HUSKERS!! (I know, hokie, but I LOVE Big Red and I like football in general.  I like a few of the other competitive sports as well).  I am a black guy, 28, 165lbs, 5',7", med built, and I prefer to keep it real with people (except when keeping it real goes bad, lol).  I workout .. run a little..  I am a music education-intstrumental major. I play the bass trombone.  I love all aspects of music, and I love playing it, I love listening to it, and most of all I love to learn more about it.  I am originally from Jonesboro, Arkansas. 
     I am a pretty normal guy, and I just happen to be gay. LOL!  I am really sarcastic, and I usually surround myself with people who love to laugh.  I like going out to dinner, reading, watching movies & TV, having coffee :) , and most of all just sittin' and chillin'! I may seem kinda straight laced.. but there is more to me than meet the eye :)  I am not really looking for anything in particular right now, but I am VERY spontaneous.. (LOL)  Well, I am not sure what else to say, if you want to know more, then hit me up, and I will be glad to answer any questions..
Take it easy!!


Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can also contact me privately. I love to get mail!

I will try my hardest to keep new photos on this page.. :)






I hope you enjoy these pictures! The first is a picture of me and a friend, named Charon, heading out for a night of drinks (we had already had a few).  In the corner is a picture of me taking random pictures at friend's place :) The next pic is of my friend Caroline and I, ushering in 2005! The next is a pic of me and friends at a local club. The next to last pic is w/ a good friend (Charon again!!)!! Finally, the last is a pic with a friend @ a party!

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